Developed a comprehensive marketing funnel for a chain of tire fitting services in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Services Provided

Systematic marketing funnel
End-to-end and product analytics
Business dashboard development

About the Client

A chain of tire fitting services operating in Moscow and the Moscow region.


To develop a systematic marketing funnel, set up end-to-end and product analytics, and design business dashboards.


  • Developed and integrated a custom end-to-end analytics platform with the client's business services.
  • Created a platform for A/B testing.
  • Designed a service to track the client's offline sales.
  • Linked the metrics of advertising channels to the client's business indicators.
  • Developed business dashboards.
  • Enhanced the website.
  • Set up contextual and targeted advertising, including advertising on Telegram channels and Yandex.Maps.
  • Designed and distributed promotional flyers through offline channels.


The client was equipped with business dashboards to monitor business efficiency from various angles.

With end-to-end analytics, we managed to track 100% of conversions from online acquisition channels and 70% from offline channels.

Identified profitable customer acquisition channels.

Successfully attracted customers across 12 branches with an average customer acquisition cost of 18 AZN and an average check of 92 AZN .

Increased the chain's profit by 18% in two months.

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