WitchHub Online Store

Built an online store from scratch and attracted 100 new customers within a month of operation.

Services Provided

Website development
Targeted advertising

About the Client

An online store providing esoteric goods in Baku.


To develop an online store, set up end-to-end analytics to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and identify and test the most effective channels for attracting customers.


  • Developed and localized a website for the local market using the Insales platform.
  • Set up end-to-end analytics using our custom-developed service that allows tracking the profitability of each advertising channel.
  • Configured and conducted tests for advertising campaigns.


Attracted 100 new customers in the first month of the store's operation.

The cost of acquiring one customer was 10 manats.

The average check per customer amounted to 50 manats.

Developed a proprietary service for end-to-end analytics; the client can now see the profit from each advertising channel.

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